Rewe Zwingel

Semi Plug-in system solution for REWE Zwingel

On an area of 2,000 square meters, the entire refrigeration and freezer system was replaced by AHT. In an existing market, the complete refrigeration and freezing solution should be replaced. Therefore, Matthias Zwingel decided to seek a reliable refrigeration and freezer system with high energy efficiency, and flexibility. The proposal from AHT Germany ultimately convinced him, and after a planning phase, the renovation of the store was undertaken.

In total, more than 100 meters of refrigeration and freezer shelving units were installed, five cold rooms were equipped, two air-conditioned preparation rooms and 15 meters of an SPI counter system were installed. All renovation work was carried out in three construction phases while the business was operational. Due to the installation flexibility the disruption to customers were minimized, ensuring that the store remained open at all times. The heat recovery was planned by integrating the water circuit into the underfloor heating, maximizing the system’s efficiency and utilization.

_Year of installation


_Installed products

_ ATHEN XL 250
_ Active Monitoring System

_Project requirements

Installation during ongoing operation. Integration into an existing heat recovery and heating system. Energy savings and service availability.

The AHT system is flexible and can be adjusted and expanded at any time. In addition, the new systems saves appr. 15% of energy compared to similar systems.


Impressive project

Interview REWE Zwingel

Mr. Zwingel, why did you choose AHT products?
The reliability and advanced technology of AHT products impressed me. The modular flexibility for installation and the possibility for future modifications was another deciding factor.

How was the collaboration with AHT from your perspective?
The planning phase was very professional and tailored specifically to our market. We were able to manage the complete refrigeration system renovation without closing the store. Compared to other systems, we experienced fewer issues and breakdowns during the initial phase of operation.


"We haven't had any major breakdowns"

Have your expectations for AHT products and services been
Up to today (after more than 6 months), we haven’t had any major breakdowns. Minor technical issues were promptly resolved. The combination of KINLEY and KALEA has proven itself in practice. The refrigeration system runs optimally with our heat recovery.

Do you notice a difference compared to the products you used before, especially in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings?
With the now optimized system, we save approximately 15% in energy compared to similar systems/markets.